De-Void by Deepak Kaul

Author – Deepak Kaul

Number of Pages – 78

Rating – 4/5 stars

Format – Kindle Edition

An emotional ride on the streets of heart peeking behind the distressed and depressed souls’ closed doors. What leads them to the point of a void? What are they searching for in their lives? De-void will take you to meet some of these people looking for one ounce of happiness and a spoonful of love. I know that is not enough, but that could be the last thing they have asked in prayers.

The stories are based on human conditions and behavior. How they deal with the situations. Sometimes they speak out, and other times their silence speaks. Every story has a different setting dealing with the emotional and physical abuse and how the characters deal with them.

A good collection of short stories that melts your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

Thank you Writersmelon for the review copy.