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81pomg6XhgL.jpgAuthor – Omar Zafarullah

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 221

Publisher – Rupa Publications

‘A Hundred Journeys’ is a story of a father and his fatherland. A father wants his son when he grows up should know who he is and where his roots belong. A father wants his son to know what shaped him and his father into what they are today. A diary explains the journey of the author’s family.

This story comes from the land of Pakistan. A mother who lost her husband stands shoulder with the men and challenged patriarchy and raised his son to become a doctor. This doctor son has seven children and authors father is fourth among them and becomes a lawyer. Unfortunately, the author lost his father at an early age in a car accident. He heard the stories about the land he was born through his father and he wants to leave an account for his son of his fatherland.

A Hundred Journeys is a part memoir and part manual for living. The journey begins in the early 1900s when the family migrates from Ropar, Punjab, India to Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan in search of a better future.

The book is filled with inspiring characters author admires in his life and believe because of their efforts family is pulled out from the throes of poverty. The author finds instructing his son on lessons of life, how to set up a business and on to the advent of the war on terror. It seems author wants his son to be well prepared for the hardships of life and do not want a time for him he has gone through. He wants him to learn from his mistakes and experiences of life and take a learned decision.

The author writes this book because he wants his son to know what he cannot say to him. He writes about the family, country and anything and everything significant he finds and thinks his son should know. The Author attempts to explain Pakistan to his son Hyder. The land on which he was born and lived. The stories of the land of his father.

Author Bio

Omar Zafarullah is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Yale University, Connecticut, USA, and is an executive in a Fortune 500 company. He belongs to Gojra and lives in Lahore. He regularly contributes articles to The News, the most-read daily in Pakistan. He is married to a doctor, Saira, and has two children, Hyder and Maya.

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