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51RHa+fAZtL.jpgAuthor – Poulomi Sengupta

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 297

Publisher – Frog Books

‘The Last Bloom’ is a Young Adult novel of protagonist Priya. Her dreams, aspirations, a determination to bring a change and a struggle to fit into her new college and survive in midst of college politics without favoring any political party despite continues pressure to join and support them by the leaders of the party or ready to face dire consequences.

She was a topper of her school and ecstatic to join her dream college but found nothing in the college which could meet her expectations. She was disheartened to see that college life is more about politics, mass agitation, boycotts, and less about studies. Young college students are used as pawns by the political parties to fulfill their ulterior motives. However, she enjoyed her fair share of the exciting world of college and the perks attached to it like bunking of classes in lieu of movie shows, adventures rock climbing field trips which are the projects from the curriculum but more felt like an outing with friends. A whole new exciting world unfolds before her.

This novel is written for a cause. It was seen that most talented students from the country emigrate to the developed nations. The novel particularly deals with the present system of education and college environment in Bengal, India.

This book emphasizes on the quality education and less involvement of politics in the education system to understand the education as a privilege and value the opportunity of education over the opportunity of agitations. When India becomes a country with the best education system so that bright students do not have to leave the country for a better future.

The story is simple and entertaining. The thoughtful conversations between Priya and her neighbor Vivek give two distinct perspectives of the youth on the current circumstances. This is not a college romance novel if this is what you expect from YA books. The book makes a point to revive the education system and keep or limit politics from the education system. It is a good read with college drama and not many twists and turns but a definite thought provoking.

Author Bio

Poulomi Sengupta is an alumna of IIT Kharagpur and Jadavpur University India. Presently residing in Mumbai, a geologist, and a social worker, she loves her share of kickboxing and a colorful dose of oil painting to brighten the apparently mundane life.

You can reach to her at Facebook/PoulomiSenguptaTheLastBloom


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