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33790499.jpgAuthor – Ruskin Bond

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 200

Publisher – Aleph Books

Every town, small or big has something to say. A story has always been in the heart of a town. It just needs a listener and a storyteller who could tell it’s tales to the world.

‘Small Towns Big Stories’ is a collection of 21 short stories. Stories that came from the small towns of India and the story teller who penned down these stories is Mr. Ruskin Bond who needs no introduction.

The stories do not fall in to any particular genre. The story ‘The Big Race’ is a story of a girl Koki who is ten years old and tiptoed in the early morning from the house with a dumpy rhino beetle in a cardboard box for a race. Another story ‘The time stops at Shamli’ is about a man of thirty six years old who steps down from the train to look behind the walls of station of Shamli on his way to Saharanpur.

Stories like such and other completes the book. Book too has memoires chapters from the life of the author which has incidents of ghosts’ rumors in hills and few others. Few of the stories are published in various publications from the time author starts penning stories in his earliest times of writing career, are too gathered in this book.

Reading stories from Ruskin Bond is always a delight. He has been writing from more than sixty five years. Whenever I came across his work, I could not resist reading. Need not to say anything else; the book itself has stories waiting to be told from small towns which have bigger stories concealed in there heart.